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  • Do the proper keyword research before selecting a topic, the keyword should have a minimum of 1000+ search volume. Do not forget to mention keyword and its volume in your pitch.
  • Content Quality should be high, thin and plagiarized content will not be accepted at any cost. Researched based articles, with the example, data and stats will be preferred.
  • A self-promotional article will be declined.
  • Minimum word counts 1500+ words.
  • Images speak better than text so choose your image wisely, attractive, impressive and storyteller images would be great.
  • Take the images from copyright free sources only. If necessary, do not forget to give the credit to the image owner.
  • Only one link will be provided in your author bio section.
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  • We do not provide a link to adult sites, gambling, medicine, and other illegal businesses.
  • If you agree with these terms and willing to pitch us topic ideas, contact us via contact form.

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