How to Tailor Your CV for a Senior Care Job?

Senior Care Job


Senior care jobs are getting common and people are looking out for these mental health jobs and other jobs related to social service. The biggest advantage of pursuing these kinds of jobs is job security and good pay. Apart from this the employees earn a good reputation and are respected in the society.

The demand for these senior care jobs are increasing and people who are interested in applying for these jobs have to focus on building their resume the right way. If you are applying for a senior care job, your CV will be thoroughly analyzed and the chances of you getting the job will increase if you tailor your CV properly.

Need for tailoring a CV

You might have a perfectly well-developed CV which might have helped you get through really difficult interviews and you might be tempted to use the same CV. No matter how perfect your CV might be, tailoring the CV according to the job description will only help in increasing the chances of you getting the job.

Editing the information, adding new information, doing research is all a part of the process but the investment in tailoring the CV is worth the effort.

The Hiring manager will not pay attention to all your achievements, work experience, and your skills but they will rather focus on the skills required for the job and how you will fit in as an employee. The number of callbacks you will receive will exponentially increase once you start tailoring the CV according to the job description.

How to Tailor Your CV for a Senior Care Job?

  • Identify the role and requirements

When you are applying for a senior care job, you have to be very careful about the job description. The job description will have details about the seniors, their age, their requirements, and the job seekers’ role. Once you understand what the job is about and what they are looking for, you can modify your CV highlighting particular aspects that match the job description.

You should always look out for

  1. List of responsibilities mentioned in the job description and categorize them in the order of most important to least important.
  2. What are the skills and qualification they are looking for.
  3. Look for your areas of expertise and where you can improve yourself.
  • Match your resume content with the job description

Now that you know what the company is looking for you can start with editing your CV to meet the job requirement. The best way to begin tailoring is to match the most important things on the job description with the most visible areas on your resume.

It is an advantage if you have previous working experience as a senior care worker or even if you have any experience working any care job. The employer looks at the work experience section closely and examines the areas you worked on and how your previous work experience will help in your current job. Modifying the work experience section can thus help in increasing the chances of you getting hired.

If it’s your first job, you would have to work on editing your educational qualifications, your interests, and skills.

  •  Reorder, add, remove

There might be hundreds of applications and the employer might not have the time to go through all these resumes thoroughly. It is important to make an impression right from the beginning so that you grab the employer’s attention.

  1. You would have to reorder your bullet points in an order where the most relevant points are in the beginning and the less relevant points are in the end.
  2. You can also add new bullet points and give the employer all the more reason to hire you
  3. You should also remove any excess information from the CV. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the employer’s shoes and ask why and how the information makes sense.

You can also manage and reorder the different sections of your resume. You can add work experience just after educational qualifications and then add sections regarding additional qualifications, hobbies, interests, etc.

  • Provide compelling evidence

It is the evidence that you provide in your CV that will push the employer to hire you. Suppose you see the point “frequent multitasking needed” in the job description, you will focus on developing points and say that you are an excellent multi-tasker. This is not enough to satisfy the employer, you should add compelling evidence too.

Adding the letter of recommendation from the previous job can help in convincing the employees and you can also add various facts, figures, examples, stories that will prove that you are an excellent multitasker. It is all about convincing the team to trust you and to make them believe that you are perfect for the job.

  • Do not lie about anything

Lying in a Cv is a common practice and doing such activities can have serious consequences. You should always add information that is legitimate and describe everything as it is. Lying about your skills, job experience doesn’t help because the employer cross-checks the facts and makes out if you lied about anything.

Even if you manage to get a job by lying in your CV the workload and the pressure will be too much and will lead to developing stress and losing interest in the job. Senior care jobs are really serious and you should be skilled and ready to take up the job.

Review everything

Once you reach the end of the resume, go through the whole thing again 2-3 times and make sure that you covered all the required points and ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. You can also hand the CV to a friend or a family member for proofreading to double-check for errors.

Now place the resume beside the job description and look at the CV from the point of the employer. Look at all the details and see if all the information is relevant. You should make sure that the employer doesn’t get a thought like “Hm, I wonder why this person thought to apply here?”

FAQs regarding senior caregiver jobs

1Q. What is the kind of pay I can expect from a senior care job?

A. These senior care jobs offer a good amount of pay. The pay can start anywhere from 600-700$ and go up to 2000-3000$. The amount of salary will depend on the employer and the services that you are ready to offer. If you are working full time and are offering a variety of services then the pay will be high.

The qualifications and work experience will also play a role in determining the salary you will draw. You can go for special training services and follow certified courses to develop your skills. Having a professional degree or certificates can help in bagging a better social care job.

2Q. How common are senior care jobs and how do I find one?

A. Senior care jobs have become quite common. The grown-up children of these seniors are mostly busy going to work and looking after their kids and they barely have time for their parents. To make sure that their parents are well taken care of, they look for people who can take care of a senior citizen.

These seniors are sometimes admitted to old age homes and these old age homes then send out vacancies for the senior care job. If you are employed by a family or an old age home, you will be assigned as a private assistance provider or will be asked to take care of a couple.

3Q. What are the skills required to get a senior care job?

A. There are no particular skills required to get a senior care job. There are no regulatory authorities who conduct tests and it’s not mandatory to take up any exam or graduate any specific course to get a senior care job. There are yet some basic educational qualifications that one should have.

  1. Should be great at communication and shouldn’t be shy in making conversations
  2. should be well educated and should be able to read and write in the required language
  3. Should have an understanding of technology and should be computer literate
  4. Should be good at reading a person requirements and should be able to help
  5. Should be able to handle multiple tasks
  6. Should be very patent and should manage anger and stress
  7. Should display creative problem-solving techniques
  8. Should keep the seniors interests before theirs

4Q. How often can I request leave and what will be working hours?

A. The working hours and the availability of leave will depend on the employer. Some seniors have to monitor through the day and the employees take shifts. The common working hours are from 9-5 and after the shift ends, the other caretaker takes over.

There is almost no scope or less to cope with taking leaves. Once the seniors become comfortable with you they will demand your services only and if you take a leave the employer should find a replacement. Looking for replacements is hard and is a stressful task. It is common to get a leave on Saturday and Sunday and in cases of emergency, you can inform the employer and request for a leave.


Tailoring your Cv will not only help in increasing the number of callbacks, but will also make it easier for you in the interview. In the process of tailoring your CV, you will gain knowledge about the job requirements and other needs, and when the employer asks you questions, you can frame your answers to favor the job description.

Once you make this a practice, the time taken to edit the CV comes down, and your chance of getting the job increases.

Author Bio

Tara Lane is a marketing expert associated with social care jobs agency – OUTT. Her interest in social work has now bought her closer to finding the true meaning of life and he urges people to take up a senior care & mental health jobs and experience the satisfaction that comes with helping others


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