8 Ways a Press Release Build Your Credibility & Authority

8 Ways a Press Release Build Your Credibility & Authority

These days, content plays a crucial part in a business if you want to be on top of the industry. And content is an effective tool to establish your credibility and authority.

Plan your content distribution. If your goal is to establish credibility, think how and what type of releases can help you achieve it.

Once you have built your credibility, you become an authorized brand. People trust brands that are credible and trustworthy. They are most likely to buy products from them.

In return, these brands get more leads and higher conversions.

Check 8 ways how you can build credibility using releases:

Use authoritative sources –

Support your content with sources that are credible enough to back up your claims. For instance, use books, industry trade associations, university sites, reputable magazines and newspapers, research studies, polling service firms, and government agency data.

These sources are not just opinions, but facts. When using them in your release, people trust easily because it is trusted information from reputable sources.

You have to make your audience believe what you are claiming. Use sources that they are already using.

For instance, look for newspaper and magazine sources they follow. What books they are already reading? What data are relevant to them?

If you are reporting the result of a study, credit the name of the research and who launched it. If it an information from the university site, name the institution. Credit the source.

Proper attribution is a key to make people easily believe your claims. Let them know where the information is coming from.

Use experts –

Another way to build credibility in your field is use experts in your releases. Leverage their influence by highlighting them in your content.

If you are promoting a new technological process, perhaps inviting technology experts to give their perspective on the process will make your claims stronger. Interview them to give their insights on a product or process.

Subject matter experts (SME) are people you can invite to provide their take on a subject or topic. They are professionals and knowledgeable on their arena. Using their perspective can add more depth to your story.

Moreover, when people see that your content includes experts, they are more likely to engage. Just imagine a content that includes experts, and a content that only uses its own take on the subject. People are going to read and share content that highlight experts.

This is not the only advantage. They are more likely to participate in the discussions to provide their own viewpoint.

Although it is not easy to book appointments with the experts, going out your way to interview them provides a great return. It is an effective method that you can use to gain credibility.

Take a stance –

The Marketing manager of a reputed digital marketing agency – Tangensys said,  If you want to build your name and authority, write releases that highlight your stance on a debatable or hot issue, happening in the society today. People are naturally curious. They want to listen to other’s opinions.

When you provide your own take on a subject that you are knowledgeable about, people discover your expertise when you issue releases. Regularly distribute content that shows your stance on various controversial topics.

Issuing releases are not only one-time. Your audience needs to see that you are indeed an expert in your niche.

Let them see that you know what you are talking about by taking stance on hot issues. Pick a highly relevant topic, and write your position about it.

People love to listen to the viewpoints of other people. It encourages them to air their own side. Furthermore, writing this kind of release improves the engagement of audiences.

More people are encouraged to join groups and discussions when they can relate to the topic. When more people are talking about it, your content easily gets viral.

Include statistics –

Content with statistics looks better and stronger. People love to see numbers. Numbers are brain candies.

It compels people to see what’s inside. If you use statistics, it proves that your claims are correct and valid. It backs up your claims.

When issuing a release, think how you can use statistics. For instance, if you are presenting a case study, show data. It’s a great way to prove that you are credible.

Make sure to attribute the source. People want to know where the results directly came from. An authentic brand gets more loyalty and trust from their audience.

If you have statistics to use, always include it in your release. Present it using graphs or infographics to make it more digestible for the audience.

Fact-checking –

You cannot just claim something, without verifying. Fact-checking is crucial to gain credibility.

Prior to using any data, you must ensure that you have back checked everything. There’s no room for errors or inaccuracies.

The news is news because it has been verified and not just a hearsay. Simply setting aside the validity of your claims is inappropriate. Before making any claims, verify it.

Without checking its validity, you can be lost your credibility. An authorized brand knows how to handle matters. They take things seriously, especially when it comes to writing news stories.

They will never include data without checking. Everything they include there is submitted first for verification.

Including facts that aren’t true can damage your reputation. Make sure that you’re not going to do this. Your reputation is at stake.

Journalists and audiences can sense what’s fake. The last thing you don’t want to happen is losing all your supporters, sales, credibility and brand name.

Consistent brand voice –

As a business, you need to develop a clear and consistent message. This automatically increases your credibility as a company.

If you have a website, blog and social media profiles, make sure that you portray one brand voice. It is a great method to generate leads. Having a consistent brand and voice establishes trust and relationships because people feel connected to you.

Show your expertise –

There are many ways to show that you are an expert. Use white papers, professional blogs, strong social media presence, published articles, or speaking events to issue a release.

Sharing your knowledge of public events is one way you can show that you are an authority. The more people see you visible and hear you, the more they would believe that you are a credible brand.

Include links –

A release that has one or two links shows that it is credible. Links direct people to a landing page on their site.

Including links provide authenticity. It drives people to learn more about a business. Without a link to their site, they wouldn’t be aware of a business’s other information, products, and services.

However, do not go overboard in using links. Search engines like Google kick off sites that don’t follow the rules in using links.

Since the changes in Google’s algorithm, links in releases can no longer be used to rank sites. It should be “nofollow” that means that it can’t be used to rank their site on the search results.

Aside from the above mentioned, if you want to gain credibility, you need to issue well-written releases. Quality comes first.

Studies have shown that when people are exposed more to a brand, they tend to trust them. Releases shared online provides great exposure for brands. Moreover, people can get information from releases to make an informed buying decision.

When writing content, avoid adjectives and flowery words that make it like a sales pitch. Remember that Google isn’t impressed with this kind of content.

Make releases useful for the readers. Forget about SEO first. Think about your audience and Google will love you for that.

Ensure that you’re writing well-written content. It’s important that you use relevant keywords in order for the audience to find you.

Just like links, don’t overuse keywords. There is no place for keyword stuffing. Your release should use search terms and phrases significantly.

Don’t force it in the release. Overusing of keywords can flag you as spammy. Prioritize quality release to rank your content on the search results.

When you produce high-quality content, people will trust you. They aren’t going to think that you’re faking the facts, or you don’t know the rules in writing releases.

If you want to gain the trust of your audience, ensure that you follow the best practices in writing releases. If you know how to issue releases that are properly written, there’s a high possibility that journalists are going to pick your story.

When they publish it, people are more likely to share it and engage. Well-written content reflects that brands are professional and trustworthy.

There are still a lot of ways that brands can build credibility and authority. Issuing a release is just one way to do it.

Don’t forget that it’s also important that brands have a connection with the media and influencers. By showing that you are true with your words once you made a promise, they would begin to trust you.

Author Bio:

Fred Griffin is a marketing consultant, promotion specialist and content creating guru. He writes custom content for the internet offering solutions from creative digital marketing tactics to SEO, press release and web design driven by results. He enjoys applying his marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and improve customer experiences.